More Useful on Smartphone. Smartphone Tricks.

Smartphone has occupied the most important place in our lives. Finding someone starting from the school age is not the one who uses the mobile phone. Not just mobile phones, especially the era of Android phone is going on now. Some people are also using Apple company’s iPhone for the sake of fashion and requirements.



But the phone is just the means of communication? In addition to talking, talking messaging, taking photos and even using social media, there are many uses of smartphones. Do you know them? Let’s learn about some of the great uses of them.

To measure the distance

Occasionally, the desire to change the decor of the house suddenly awakened. But I have died in the field due to the ‘Measurement Tape’ or the tape of measuring the hand. But from now on, it will not be anymore. Take a quick ‘mobile’ app which will give you clear ideas about measuring levels. Now anything that can be measured by the camera in the eye eyelashes. Make the phone’s camera look at the size of the furniture you want to take. If you wait for some time the results will be out. It’s very easy.

To test the battery of remote control

Do not understand the TV or the remote control of the TV remote? Do not you want to go to the supermarket for a replacement? In this case, this method will save your time. Get out the smartphone and turn on the camera. Then look at the camera with Remote Control and press any button. Looking at the display of the phone, if there is a red or pink light coming out of the remote head, it means that the signal is doing a good job but the battery will have to be changed.

Control the phone without touching it

Regardless of touching the phone, the life controlled by making it much easier and smooth. You can leave the song, watch the video or even receive the phone without any touch. By doing this, the phone’s display is good and clean and can be used in the comfort of the phone while cooking or cooking. The name of the app is ‘Wave Control’. Android users can easily get it from Google Play Store and iPhone users from Apple Store.

Carry carefully

If you have to drive in the dark and watch the road on the road in the dark, this ‘Awesome App’ will undoubtedly help you a lot. Keep the phone in the dashboard, adjust the brightness and get all the information you need. How much speed is to drive and the address will also be seen in Windshield. Keep in mind that the phone’s screen is bright enough. This allows you to follow the instructions well.

Send message via desktop computer

The most important thing is that your phone’s battery is out of work, then you have to take help from a friend or colleague? You will not miss anything with the help of this ‘hot summer’ app. It makes computers compatible with your phone and creates an opportunity to manage SMS through e-mail. The message links to your phone number will be displayed on the computer screen and will remain in the mobile inbox. So, nothing will lose!

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