Email Tracker For Gmail. How To Use?

Mail Tracker is an email tracking application that lets you know if your email has been sent and the recipient has read the mail you sent? When you get a message after sending someone to Facebook, we can understand that the message is read as well, through the Mail Tracker, you can understand that the mail sent to you has been sent correctly and the recipient has received the recipient. You can easily add mailtrack extensions to your Gmail. If you have trouble understanding our tutorials or want to know about any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us now. Always stay with us and subscribe now to get regular tutorials on our YouTube channel and like our facebook page.



Many of us send email to personal, official or business work, whether or not the mail sent to us is received by the subscriber, whether or not read, etc. It is very easy to know via mailtrak. To get this facility, you need to add mail track extension to Google Chrome browser. You can easily use Mail Tracks in your Gmail account using Google Chrome browser. You can also use free email tracking for Firefox and Opera browsers. To add mail track extensions to your Chrome browser, follow these steps: –



Login to your Gmail account.

As well as open the tabs for the new appetite. Search for mailtrack for gmail in the search box.

Click the email tracking for gmail & inbox-mailtrack-chrome web store.

Click on add to chrome.

Click Add extension and add extension.

Sign in with your Gmail account.

Click on allow

Click sign up free.

Click on go to my email.

MailTrack extension will add a double check mark to your Gmail. If you see a green check mark, then the recipient receives the mail and if you see two signs, then the recipient has received your mail and read the mail. Email tracking is a very effective and popular medium .Email Tracking After adding your Gmail account, you can easily find out how long before and how many times the recipient has read your email. Mail Track Gmail is very useful for personal work and corporate sector. Your colleagues can learn through email tracker whether you are reading your emails, so do not ask for it. If you have sent a CV via mail using the Mail Tracker, then you can ensure that your email has reached the person or organization. On the other hand, mail track is very helpful for traders or professionals because you can know if your mail has been sent correctly and if the sender is sent, the recipient has not read your mail. You can use the free email tracker in your personal or professional email. The account manager, business, sales team and direct client related person, team, project director, coordinator and internal communication, independent professional and freelancer or any person can use the mail track free of charge.

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