Talking about computers and the history of computer and software innovation in Bangladesh.

Computer is a machine that can perform mathematical calculations very fast by following specific instructions. The word computer comes from the Greek compute word. Calculate the meaning of compute or calculate. And the computer means the counting machine. But now computers can not be called counting machines only. Computer is an instrument that receives information […]

Clean Your Monitor In A Proper Way.

Many times the computer monitor used to be a lot of trouble. To solve the problem, buy a new monitor or run in the service center.     But knowing some strategies can solve many minor problems. Here are some tips to monitor the care of the monitor in today’s tutorial. Clean the dirt or […]

Wrong Thinking About RAM. Clear Yourself.

RAM or random access memory This is a basic component or hardware for smartphones and computers. Its function is to remember the device’s processing data or computations for a specific time. As the processor does not have to process the same information over and over again. Despite knowing it for a very important one on […]

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. Should Remember.

Many of those who use regular computers may know that, instead of mouse, keyboard tasks can be done faster than some computer functions. This kind of simple method is called Keyboard Shortcuts. There are 10 shortcut types of keyboards that can make everyday computer usage experience easier.     Quick software changes If you have […]