What is Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server? What hardware or software can be used to create a web server?

Suppose you have a computer, you want to rent it. That is, you rented it to one person, so that the whole computer tie rented. This means that if it is considered in the server then it has bought a dedicated server from you. Now from the person who bought it, he saw that many spaces, RAM and sipi resources were left unused after his PC. So he thought that these unused resources would be sold to a few. So he created some virtual system. Many of you have used multiple operating systems on the same PC using VMWare or Virtual Box but this is the case. He created a virtual system and divided it into a lot of computers. Every part of the RAM, CPU, as desired. Now those who buy these shares from them are buying VPS ie Virtual Private Server. These are some types, such as: openvz, xen server, kvm etc. But mainly two:



1. Dedicated Resource

2. Shared Resource

Suppose the main PC is 10GB RAM. You gave the RAM to everyone by 1 GB, but many people do not need 1 GB of RAM. Many people need more than 1 GB. So sharing in Sheep VPS will be shared. This means that if you use the resource after the use of it then you can use it another. The main disadvantage is that you can buy 2GB RAM but you will not get the full 2GB or less. Such as: OpenVZ VPS

You will not be able to share it or you will not get the share of others as you will be given to your dedicated VPS. Such as: KVM VPS

Now suppose someone bought a VPS, but found that the VPS space is not needed, it is running in more resources. Then he divides VPS into several smaller sections. These are those of shared hosting, which are sold in the world for a price less.

Some other terms:

Providers: Those who have their own datacentre and sell it.

Resellers: Those who buy services from providers, sell it to small users in small bits.


What type of service do you take?
A very complicated question, one would answer one by one, but I would like to do the following:

1. Personal blog, Short News, Very short e-commerce site, Small corporate site that does not provide sensitive data, Shared hosting for any such site is best. Price is low, resource less;)

2. Around 30-50 thousand visitors a day, a large number of visitors enter the corporate site, but many people do not work as normal, medium-sized ecommerce sites, news sites and any site that does not want emails or other permissions, they will take VPS.

3. For big sites, or sites offering sensitive information, it has to be dedicated.

4. Those who want to do business, they can take reseller hosting or VPS, and if they increase the client will get dedicated.

What do you need to create a dataset?

1. Hardware:
Processor: It needs to be done according to the requirements, but xeon e3 duel or Xeon E5 is used for business purposes. However, it is possible to use any PC according to the demand.

RAM: Minimum 8 GB

Hard disk: SSD (mast) according to any size demand

Network Line: Minimum 30 Mbps, but 50 or 100 should be taken if there is a big server. These must be made backpack network lines, redundants so that they can avoid network failers.

POWER SUPPLY: Must be UPS and Generator or anything else as backup.

2. Software:
CPANEL: For VPSA 200 USD or 16000 Taka annually and for dedicated $ 400 you will be paid or 32 thousand rupees a year.

Also, different panels for buying VPS can be purchased, although some of the freebies available in the open: such as openvz panels will be available for professional work, which will cost $ 9-20 a month. Outside of this, there are many other costs, such as softacolous, whmcs.


However, being a provider is very difficult because it is very difficult to maintain server maintenance. It is foolish to think that the money can be sold by making the server. To sell a server, you must be an expert in it. It is better to buy from anyone, it will cost less, and not to worry about the maintenance. In the Agami phase, you will know more about how to make a server.


Thank you all.

Updated: April 25, 2019 — 10:36 pm

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