Some useful plugins for WORDPRESS sites speed and security!

Name of some of the plugin’s useful plugins, it can be expected to speed up and speed up your site.



To increase the speed, use the following plugins:

1. Lazy Load:



Using this will greatly reduce the loading time of the site and the site will load faster. Its work is to load the content of the site after it loads content.

2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Find one of my favorite plugins. Using it will auto compress after all the image uploads of the site and the image quality will not be nested, a great plugin.

3. Better WordPress Minify


Site js and css files will be compressed so that the site loads a few times faster.

4. WP Super Cache


It will cache the static files of the site, meaning it will be saved in the visitor’s browser, so the static file will not be reloaded repeatedly to reload the site, the site will take a lot of fast load.



I suggest Yoast SEO plugin for SEO but it may seem to be a bit complicated just like the configuration, in this case you can use SEO Ultimate as an alternative.



1. Ithemes security


Use it, its tweak can be exactly the same. The wordpress site is usually hacked due to problems faced by the server or because of the use of malicious plug-ins / themes. The plugin that you are using, first check it out how safe it is. Then check the code itself if you do not use it if there is anything encrypted.

2. Wordfense

Also, use the GreenWeb bulk sms plugin if the site is the most important. 1000 SMS can be bought by 200 paise per month, as a result of the benefits of login verification, 2way authorization system, login notifications, and various SMS updates.


You can use UpdraftPlus for backup, use the duplicator plugin to migrate your site.

Link: duplicator:

Also use the contents of wp-config.php encrypt from site.


You can also use cloudflare or jetpack. Both of them are very useful.


Thanks to everyone.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 12:49 pm

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