WEB SERVER ERROR (5XX): Some common server mess messages, which may seem like a server down but the event may be another!

Without a lot of effort, the site can not enter, one after the other is going through the error! Want to change the hosting company? Do not know what is the reason why are you? Any solution can be found only when the reason is cleaned. For reasons of some common problems I will solve and solve:



500 Internal Server Error
While using hosting, but people who have not seen the appearance of them are rarely in the world, although such problems in GreenWeb does not usually occur, so many people can not see it. Those who did not see, Lucky, who are seeing 100% of them, mostly blamed the hosting company, though they have no fault in most of the cases. 95% of cases for the user’s wrong coding bidding.


If you have a coding mistake or use a logic that the server can not understand or process.
If you have syntax highlighting in coding or making long-term loop
Incorrectly creating / modifying the .htaccess file
File Problems Troubled Problems.
Solution: It is only for file problem-specific issues, but it is able to interrupt the server admin. For other reasons, you have to make the solution. Also, if the server does not have the internal environment to process the file then it is very rare condition. Most of the time, the .htaccess file is deleted or its solution is resolved.


501 Not Implemented
Suppose that one of the features is new, you have used it, but this feature is not yet implemented on your server, in this case you will get this error. In this case, please request the hosting provider to see the matter.


502 Bad Gateway
Many advanced companies use a proxy server in the frontend to speed up the site and provide security. NginX using GreenWeb Everyone knows that NginX is a technology that can not be used as a proxy, but it will give great performance.

MLWBD Main server is run on a hidden port, with NginX on 80 port, when someone visits the site, it hits 80, which then collects data from that hidden server. The time taken by the hits in the main server is to load the static content from the cache at that time, so that static loads much faster. And the time that it takes to take loading differently, it survives. For any reason, if the interaction that happens in the interaction is interrupted, then it shows the error. If your host is working on maintenance, then it will show an error on the proxy server.

503 Service Unavailable
At the same time, the server is working on the server so that the server is unavailable, which will be okay after the work is done. It is wise to wait for an offer like this because your hosting provider might fix an update or security. So now it is better to give time without disturbing him so that he can solve it quickly.

504 Gateway Timeout
If the proxy server is down then this error will show.

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
This means bandwidth is over, bandwidth will buy you.

Those who also use CloudFlare can see the following Errors:

520 Unknown Error
If sending a large size response from the origins server, if there is a problem with header information, then this is Error.

521 Web Server Is Down
This means that CloudFlare can not connect to the Origin server. It may be that the Origin Server is down or the CloudFlayer is blocked by the Origin Server.

522 Connection Timed Out
Cloudflare can not associate the TCP handshake with the main server

523 Origin Is Unreachable
Do not connect to the Origin server, it will login to CloudFlare and check the DNS Record. Server Record is missing in DNS record.

524 A Timeout Occurred
Cloudflare was able to establish a connection on the Origin server only, but the Origin server did not understand the response that was returned or refuses because it is too big.


The time-out in the browser may show the error because the server is down or your blocked blocked or your Internet connection problem. If there is an error, then find out the server’s ippy and ping that ipip. If ping is problem in your browser, if not, contact the hosting provider, in this case the server down or the AIPI is blocked.
To ping, go to http://www.locaping.com/ and ping your domain or server wipe. Or use the command prompt.


These are mainly the common server issues. The code of the server is generally meant to be in the range of 500-599, as the 5xx means. If you see these issues, contact the hosting provider. If you have an error on the outside of this era, then it is clear that Client Irr for which the server is not responsible for the server. If I do not get the support of the client, I will discuss the code in the upcoming episode and write about any other topic.

Thank you.

Updated: April 25, 2019 — 10:37 pm

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