POXY SERVER: Learn how proxy, how proxy works and how to get a good proxy.

A few days ago, Faisal Bhai sent a request to Facebook to send a request to the proxy; I saved his request;) Let us know a lot about Proxy, read it.

What is a proxy?

Simply put, proxy means something other than something else, like instead of your friend appearing in the school, no sir will send or send another fertilizer instead. But in the case of computers this is a little different,

Proxy is a method where the first system can see something from a third system, but in reality it is not from the third party to the other.

Suppose, Computer A wants to take a file from Computer B but can not ask directly to Computer B, for some reason, so he told Computer C to bring the file, instead of telling him, give computer C. As a result, got a computer A file, computer B knew that the computer was not computer A and computer computer was taken.


This is quite similar, but the proxy server may be different. There are many proxies, but web proxies are used more. Our text will be mainly about the proxy server.



It is available from Gate and Way, basically it is like a door that goes to Asa, but if we consider it a proxy server, then it is a server that intermediates between multiple systems, without any change in the request sent by it. Nadan is offered. For example, in all the hosting of GreenWeb, the NginX server works between Apache and the user. Typically sending the user request to all others, it goes straight to the server, not on the GreenWeb. Nginx has been placed in the middle to get more load load, security and speed. As a result, Nginx is the gateway that takes information from the user and processes it and sends it to different structures.

Forward Proxy: This is the job that the user will request on the proxy server> the server will send the request to the protected third party system via Internet. That is, in this case the user with the Connected Proxy server …

Reverse Proxy: It is a forward-facing proxy, here the client itself will be connected directly to the Internet and the data from where it wants to take the data will go to the user through a different proxy server. It is basically used to create a load balance server.



Why is Proxy used?

Used for a variety of reasons. Such as:

For access to blocked sites
Setting up a load balancing server
To make local server public (via ISP’s NAT bypass)
To conceal identity
Get more speed
Increase the security
It is also used in many other purposes.


How to use a proxy?

This will depend on the work and on your system, the method of setting one system is the same.

Web proxy can be built in a number of ways, as you can install VPS and open VPN. As a result, you will get a private VPN.

If you want to use Glype or PHProxy you can create an online based proxy browsing web site. Generally, it can not be hosted on shared hosting, but only Green Package can be hosted by NS Package (7999 BDT / Year). You can also use Nginx in a browser by making a proxy server.

Proxy is safe? Can you really hide your identity?

Answer: No.

Basically it can only bypass the network security, that means you can deceive any other system but you can not hide it completely. Because, if you are using a VPN now, if you are using VPN company or company in a VPN company or company, but the ISP is licensed, then contact the OSP that means they will be able to connect with the Maine owner in that VIP. Anyone can connect to Origin Wipe, find out the log. So it would be difficult to find out but not impossible.

Using the proxy will speed up internet?

Answer: Yes, it may be unknown or not. Because, the proxy server that you are sending the Rakisovist may be far away from the server of the website, so that speed will decrease. It also needs more time in processing twice.

Where to get the proxy?

There are many free VPNs, which work as proxies, making virtual networks, many more proxies to be available so that they have to be placed in that browser just by giving it ape or port.

Updated: April 25, 2019 — 10:37 pm

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